Family fun

IMG_8489.JPGHello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

Sometimes, spending time with family and friends, is the best thing. When you are surrounded with a group of people who loves and appreciates you for who you are. They’ve known you for your whole life and stuck by you through thick and thin. It’s an amazing feeling of comfort and safety. I spent my evening at one of our closest family-friends’s hose and we just talked and played games the whole evening. It was such an relaxed evening and we talked about everything and anything and everyone where involved, even their 11 year-old son. The father of the family and my mum have known each other for their whole lives and are best friend so we’ve always been close with their family.

Their oldest daughter is 16 years old, two years younger than me, and when we were small we didn’t really get along. I though that she was really annoying and boring, (Sorry, if you are reading this… You know I’ve grown to love you!) almost like a little sister who’d follow me around everywhere. It was a few hard years for her… But as we’ve grown older we have really found each other and she’s a great friend. We really got to talking last year for real and now I’m beginning to really value her as a friend and I would hate to lose her.

I don’t know if this is just me, but I always act different with the people who’ve known me for my whole life and with my friends. With my friends (Not my closest friends though, you know who you are! <3) or anywhere else I’m always tense and ready to show my best face forward and it’s exhausting. But I can be the real me, relaxed and comfortable, around the ones who’ve been with me through everything.  What I’m trying to say with this is that you should really appreciate the people around you who knows the real you. Take every opportunity to relax and just enjoy being yourself, because there is no one like you and you are awesome.

Until next time, xoxo Ella.

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