Screaming at the television

IMG_8778.JPGHello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

You know that feeling that you can get when you watch a movie. That annoying, nagging feeling you get whenever the characters do something stupid. Like in horror movies when the character split up or go into the room with the weird noise. Or the fact that they always ask if there’s someone there even though they live alone or they know that it’s not their family. Do they expect the supposed murderer to answer, or what? I’m the kind of person who is yelling at the tv, as if the character can hear me, trying to make them stop. I despise scary movies, but I’d watch one where the victims aren’t so predictable and don’t go into the obvious traps. That would be a great movie.

And don’t get me started on romance movies. I get so angry at the main characters who makes these stupid mistakes (Not that I have that much experience…). My mum and I  are watching this Swedish series called “Vår tid är nu” or “Out time is now” and I’m screaming at the television whenever the class differences get in the way of true love. The problem is that the characters makes these obvious mistakes that just doesn’t seem to happen in real life. I know some of the problems might be realistic but it’s all just overdramatised. But then again, my longest relationship lasted for only one week in fourth grade. And it only happened becauseI was friend with the guy and didn’t want to hurt his feelings (I am married however, I even have the ring to prove it. Though that happened in kindergarten…). My knowledge comes from watching my friends relationships (And hearing all about them from my friends whenever they’ve encountered a problem.) as well as watching these rom-coms. So that makes me qualified to judge all those couples on the big screen. Or maybe not. But that doesn’t stop me from screaming at the telly. Please tell me that I’m not the only one…

Until next time, xoxo Ella.

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