Working it out

65B034BD-CC5F-4772-A5D6-58716C56B6F8.JPGHello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

So, like many girls on this planet, I’m not happy with the way I look. The reason for this is because I used to train three to four days a week and now I don’t anymore. I played handball for eight years before I quit three years ago. The reason that I quit was mostly because of my team mates. I love, the sport but it was a struggle every time I was supposed to go to practice. I dreaded it because I had no friends, no one to team up with and it hurt. Then they decided on splitting us up in different teams depending on our skill and since I only played for fun and didn’t plan on making it into a career I was placed in the inferior team. It was the drop that caused the cup to flow over and I quit. Ever since I made that life altering decision I’ve had a steady weight gain. It’s no surprise that I gained some weight since my diet isn’t the healthiest and I didn’t train three days a week plus games anymore.

In the beginning I started to go to the gym for three to four days a week since it was what I was used to but then I started to go less and less. I have a problem, (and I don’t think that I”m alone in this) and that is that I have a really hard time getting to the gym. When I’m there I go all out and work out until I’m exhausted but getting there is a big challenge. But I’ve worked out a way to hopefully fix this problem. My friend and I’ve been talking about going to the gym together, and I think that it’s a great idea because you usually come up with less excuses why you shouldn’t go when you know that there’s a friend there waiting for you. So I hope that this little arrangement will make me go to the gym at least two times a week. I really need it. Not just because of my body issues but also because of my mental state. I hope that it’ll help.

Until next time, xoxo Ella.

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