What a weekend

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 presetIMG_9175Hello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

My dad’s 50th birthday was this weekend and we’ve been celebrating it all weekend. My grandfather (My dad’s dad), grandmother (My mothers mum.), step-grandmother, 2/3 aunts as well as 1/3 of the aunt’s fiancée have all been here visiting. On Friday we had a fancy seafood dinner at our place and on Saturday we visited the theatre to watch my dad’s favorite band, “The Beatles” (well impersonators of them…), and that evening was very entertaining.

It all began when we were supposed to get to the theatre. My grandfather’s got dementia (It’s not that bad yet, he just have some short-term memory issues.) so it’s kind of hard to take him somewhere since someone’s always got to keep an eye on him. It’s worth mentioning that my granddad and step-grandmum, Maria, doesn’t live in Gothenbur, so they’re not used to the city. Well, we were supposed to take the bus to the central city before getting on the tram to the theatre. Maria and granddad went before the rest of us to the bus stop because he can’t walk that fast. But when the rest of us got there they were nowhere to be seen. It turned out that they’d gone to the wrong stop and was on the number 11 tram (We have a lot of them in Gothenburg, they all have different numbers…). We told them to get off at one stop and then take the same bus as the rest of us from there, but they didn’t listen and because they weren’t at the stop when the bus got there we all got off the bus to go look for them. This resulted in us missing the right bus as well as tram and getting to our dinner late (We found them eventually, wandering around the neighborhood looking for the right stop.).

When we finally got to the restaurant, our food, which had been preordered since we’re a company of 10, had been served to other people. So we had to wait for at least one hour before we got our food. But even before we sat down at our table to eat we managed to get into an elevator that was reserved for VIP-people (to clarify, we were NOT VIP.). So there we were, 10 people crammed into a small elevator that’s see through, and dad pushes the wrong button. This results in us going up in a see through elevator raft, in a glass elevator, pushed up against the window in front of a lot of fancy people in a really fancy restaurant that was located above ours. To say that we were embarrassed when the doors opened at the balcony seating in the restaurant is a huge understatement. It felt like forever before the elevatordoors closed and it took us through the fancy restaurant once agin before we sank through the floor to the right restaurant.

So that was our Saturday and Sunday wasn’t as eventful (Thank the Gods for that.). We had brunch at this really fancy place called “Ritz” with our family and some of our closest family friends. It was really nice and the food was really good, but I still prefer “Kafferosten” since it’s more budget friendly. After the brunch, my granddad and everyone else went home to Norrköping and my family and I went home to our empty house and slept for two hours. To finish off a pretty great weekend, some of our close family friends came over in the evening to wish my dad a happy birthday.

Until next time, xoxo Ella.

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