A weird group of friends

024C1904-E936-49E4-AEA7-DA928107967C.JPGHello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

It’s not always that easy to see the positive side of things and be happy. I actually think that sometimes it can be harder to be positive than negative. That’s why I appreciate the friends that I surround myself with. They always give me a different point of view and makes me reconsider my initial thoughts and reasoning. The funny thing about that is that I’m usually the optimistic and a bit clueless one in our small group. We are a group of four very different people that somehow work together. Don’t ask me how, but we do.

My friend Josefin and I are kind of the glue of the group. If it hadn’t been for our friendship and shared love of Harry Potter I don’t think we would be as close as we are today. We are the ones with imagination and our heads in the clouds, the ones with big dreams and plans for the future. My other two friends, Cassandra and Elin, are the more realistic part of our group. Cassandra is like a mother hen, always worried about us and always making sure that we’re alright. Elin is the crazy smart one in our group, she’s like an enigma of information and secrets, she’s awesome. They both keep me and Josefin grounded and gives us a more realistic point of view on things, we can be a bit controlled by our emotions… A great thing about our group is that we all have some kind of problem (Not that that is such an awesome thing…) and we can therefore all relate to each other and are therefore a great comfort whenever someone’s feeling down (We are like a cocktail of different diagnoses.). So if you ever got a problem, believe me, one of us has probably already been through something similar and can help. Even though we all have our differences they make me happy and gives me a reason to look forward to things. They are pretty great and all have their unique qualities that make my life a bit easier each and every day. So, appreciate the friends you choose to surround yourself with. Because friends will come and go, so don’t take the ones you really like for granted.

Until next time, xoxo Ella.

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