Summer and Spring shoes

Hello, people who are reading this, and welcome (back) to my blog.

Today I amused myself by exchanging all of my summer and spring shoes for my autumn and winter shoes. It took some time and while I was working I came up with the idea to share my shoe collection here. So, here it goes.


  • Brand: Skechers
  • Bought: May 2017, Gothenburg
  • Price: 1000 SEK
  • Usage: I really like these shoes because they’re really comfortable and I use them as work shoes, to school or whenever I’m going to be spending a lot of time walking around.
  • Style: Blue jeans


  • Brand: Skechers
  • Bought: May 2017, Gothenburg
  • Price: 1000 SEK
  • Usage: Like the blue ones, I use these on a daily basis. They are really comfortable and since they are black they go with almost everything. These are my go-to shióes at the moment.
  • Style: Mainly black jeans, but goes with anything except the color blue, comfortable.


  • Brand: Duffy
  • Bought: July 2016, Gothenburg
  • Price: around 300 SEK
  • Usage: Really easy slip-on shoes that used pretty much every day this summer and last.
  • Style: Usually dresses, but also jeans and skirts.


  • Brand: Adidas, Stan Smith
  • Bought: 2014, Stockholm
  • Price: 1100 SEK
  • Usage: I lived in these shoes in 2014 (As you probably can see, by the wear and tear…), really comfortable and good quality.
  • Style: Anything and everything, I really love these shoes.


  • Brand: Adidas, Stan Smith
  • Bought: February 2017, London.
  • Price: 700 SEK (I got them on sale!)
  • Usage: My older ones are looking pretty worn out so I replaced them with these newer ones. My go to before I got my black Skechers.
  • Style: Once again, anything and everything (They actually work really nicely if you want to dress down something a little bit fancier to a more casual look.)


  • Brand: Rieker
  • Bought: June 2017, Gothenburg
  • Price: 500 SEK
  • Usage: Really comfortable sandals that you can actually walk in for a while without hurting your feet.
  • Style: Dresses or skirts.


  • Brand: Nico Boco
  • Bought: June 2016, Barcelona
  • Price: 300 SEK
  • Usage: Not that comfortable, but really cute. I’ve used them around 5 times whenever I wanted to make a boring outfit a bit more fun.
  • Style: Single colored dresses.


  • Brand: Duffy
  • Bought: 2014, Gothenburg
  • Price: 500 SEK
  • Usage: Not that comfortable. I bought them for a wedding since they perfectly matched my dress, I’ve worn them maybe twice after that.
  • Style: Blue or white outfits.

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  • Brand: Din sko
  • Bought: 2014, Gothenburg
  • Price: 200 SEK
  • Usage: I’ve used these awful shoes once because they matched my prom dress in ninth grade. I had them on for all of the pictures and then exchanges them afterward for more comfortable shoes.
  • Style: Prom.


  • Brand: Rieker
  • Bought: 2016, Gothenburg
  • Price: 900 SEK
  • Usage: Best high-heeled shoes ever. They are so comfortable and I love them even though they’re not the nicest looking shoes…
  • Style: Anytime I want to look fancy but be comfortable.


  • Brand: No idea
  • Bought: 2014, Gothenburg
  • Price: 1000 SEK
  • Usage: These are my go-to high-heeled shoes whenever I want to feel extra fancy. They are really comfortable and go with everything I own, one of the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.
  • Style: Whenever I want to add something extra to my outfit.


Until next time, xoxo Ella.